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Vietnam Sturgeon One Member Ltd Company – Binh Dinh
Vietnam Sturgeon One Member Ltd Company – Binh Dinh
February 27, 2019

In 2011, Vietnam Sturgeon One Member Ltd Company – Binh Dinh deployed the project of sturgeon farming at Vinh Son hydropower reservoir lake with total farming area of 21,5 ha and total investment of about 300 billions of VND within 10 years; in which they will develop and farm commercial sturgeon with an area of 15 ha as well as build reproduction center for cross breeding, hatching, breeding, producing caviar & export sturgeon in 6.5 ha. Estimated by 2020, stable total sturgeon production in the lake will be 1,000 tons, of which 840 tons of meat sturgeon and 160 tons of sturgeon for caviar.

Vinh Son lake is about 750 m above the sea. The water source in the lake is mainly from primitive, long-standing forests, filtered through stone stream system, which is purely clean. The amount of oxygen in the water is from 5 to 6 ppm/ liter, the pH is from 7 to 7.5, the average annual temperature is from 25 to 26 degrees C. Besides, the water in the lake often circulates, the watershed has no pollution source so the water quality is perfect. From some basic conditions, this lake is suitable for sturgeon. They have a good growth rate, not consuming much food, high survival rate, less disease, ensuring clean environment…

The nurturing process for sturgeons is quite elaborately, since entering the breeding fish to drop into the composite tank kept at a temperature of 19 degrees after a period of 9 hours for the fish to get used to the environment, then drop to the rafts. The food for sturgeons is also produced separately and from reputative producers. They feed sturgeons continuously 8 times / day, even at night. After 10 days, they bath sturgeons with medicine to remove parasites. The nets surrounding rafts and feeders are also cleaned and disinfected every 15 days.