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Vietnam Sturgeon One Member Ltd Company – Son La
Vietnam Sturgeon One Member Ltd Company – Son La
February 27, 2019

In 2012, Vietnam Sturgeon One Member Ltd Company – Son La was founded; it is the professional unit in farming sturgeon at Son La hydropower reservoir in Son La province. After 5 years of deployment, sturgeon are growing greatly, opening an opportunity of the stable career in farming sturgeon which brings a highly economical value.

The area of deep lake water with an area of up to 21,000 ha, has a rich natural food source and a fairly stable temperature, creating the potential for sturgeon development.

The breed develops well and has a high survival rate when in trials. Until now, the company is raising over 17000 sturgeons with the weight of 1 – 30 kg, in which over 1500 sturgeons have weight of 8 – 30 kg and 50 ones are producing caviar. In fact, the goal of Vietnam Sturgeon Group is not producing meat but caviar for export.

For sturgeon from 8 – 30 kg, the average growth rate is 0.5kg / month. The sturgeon is large in size, with proper care regime, so the mortality rate is 0%. When the sturgeon reaches the reproductive age, periodic ultrasound will be performed and there is a separate care regime for each sturgeon, for each stage.

The company announce to continue the breed process for new breed sturgeons in order to develop more in quantity as well as the scale of farming system. At the same time, they will focus on investing and developing cage farming systems.