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Vietnam Sturgeon group guarantee in quality, transparency in farming process and production.

Vietnam Sturgeon Group is proud to be the pioneer in sturgeon farming in Vietnam. After a long time of effort and enthusiasm, the Group has been successful in building a scientifically standard system of Sturgeon farming in wide scale. We are continuously exploiting potential new locations with a goal of network expansion for Sturgeon farming, which contributes to Vietnam to become a leading nation of farming and producing a rare fish species that was on the brink of extinction. At the present, the Group has 6 member companies operating in the field of Incubation and Breeding, Sturgeon Farming and Producing Caviar from 2 most special species: Russian Sturgeon & Beluga.

Warranty of Quality

We guarantee the quality of products


Our products are qualified to be clean food with high quality for consumers


Our products are tested in quality by the Food Safety Institute before distribution.


We apply VietGAP standards in clean and safe fisheries farming process.

Our products

From our farms located in wild areas, sturgeons have a perfect living condition with natural water flow, microbiotic and light, in combined with the modern farm system which follows GLOBAL GAP standards, we are committed to bringing to the market the cleanest, freshest and safest products.

Payment Method
Caviar de Duc
Sliced sturgeon
Whole sturgeon
Caviar Exclusive Party

Caviar Exclusive Party is the ultimate luxury and exquisite party service with Black Caviar, presented by Caviar de Đuc. With Caviar Exclusive Party, Caviar de Đuc want to serve our customers one-of-a-kind experiences of the unique & classy culinary style from the Russian and Western elite right in Vietnam.

Farm system
Our farm system for commercial fisheries are located hydroelectric reservoirs with specific flow of clean water all year round, which is suitable for the hard living condition of sturgeons…
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With the advantages of geography, climate characteristics, environmental conditions, many hydropower reservoirs in Tay Bac and Tay Nguyen are very suitable for cultivating and exploiting the cold water fisheries resources including sturgeon. The development of sturgeon in recent years at hydroelectric reservoirs has contributed to promote Vietnam into the group of 10 countries with the largest sturgeon production in the world.

Although caviar has become a familiar food in Vietnam, but not anyone knows how to enjoy caviar – even less people know about the nutrition benefits of this luxury dish.
As one of the largest farming and providing sturgeon companies in the world, Vietnam Sturgeon Group recently introduced the first caviar brand of Vietnam - Caviar De Duc at an…
Vietnam is a country with the diverse cuisine. But there’s only a few people know that Vietnam is now a producer of one of the luxury dishes only for the…
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