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Sturgeon caviar – precious culinary that be “made in Vietnam”
January 15, 2018

Vietnam is a country with the diverse cuisine. But there’s only a few people know that Vietnam is now a producer of one of the luxury dishes only for the elite. People who prefer caviar can spend thousands of dollars to have it on the banquet table, caviar is now one of the “made in Vietnam” product.

Back to the history of caviar, this nutritious dish began to be noticed when it was the favorite food of the Tsar of Russia. At that time, in order to get the delicious, fresh caviar on the royal banquet table, fishermen had to scour the Caspian Sea, then use 3-horses cart to transport day and night. Sturgeon from the rustic dish of the fishermen is suddenly raised to the precious items only for the royal family. Sturgeon became increasingly rare for a long time of being hunted wildly. While only 20-30% of the sturgeons can produce eggs and it takes 15-20 years for fish to mature and have eggs. Among other sturgeon species, Beluga is the most precious species and has almost become extinct in the natural environment due to being hunted the most because of its taste.

For being a royal dish, caviar is supposed to appear only in luxurious parties or high class restaurant. Only a few rich men can afford a party with just caviar. People only use caviar to decorate other dishes more solemnly and delicately. The art of enjoying caviar has also been upgraded. There are many ways to enjoy it, but the most popular way is to put them on the back of your hand, take a sip of pure Russian vodka and then enjoy. Gourmets will chew, they compress in their mouths, hold their tongue on the palate, let the caviar melt and express the tastiness. The taste of excellent caviar would be like chestnut and has no fishy savor.

It is rare, but not many people know that the famous sturgeons which are well-known for being the favorite dish of the Tsar and the remote Caspian Sea is now available in Vietnam, being raised and proliferated. With the viewpoint of  “the good must be also the most available”, Mr. Le Anh Duc, a Russian student with a great passion for caviar, was determined to build a company that has brought sturgeon from Russia to Vietnam to breed and develop the species. At first, the company had to buy breeds, invite experts from Russia to guide the process, operating and building the environment of reproduction… The fish farm must be clean and environmentally friendly for the best quality of caviar. If the sturgeons are kept in polluted environments or contaminated products then there would be none of caviar. After nearly 12 years, the company has so far had the world’s top fish production.

Mr. Le Anh Duc – Chairman of Vietnam Sturgeon Group, said that fish products and caviar have been highly appreciated by their customers. Caviar is one of the dishes that the fastidious markets of the world still allow to use an appropriate amount of preservatives. However, with elaborate and meticulous process; Caviar De Duc caviar absolutely does not use preservatives. The business strategy of the company is to expand the domestic market for sturgeon eggs to become a specialty of Vietnam, so that we can “export domestically” for foreign tourists to Vietnam.

Source: Lan Dịu (Báo Quân đội Nhân Dân)