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Sturgeon caviar helps to reduce risk of depression, prevents heart diseases
January 22, 2018

Although caviar has become a familiar food in Vietnam, but not anyone knows how to enjoy caviar – even less people know about the nutrition benefits of this luxury dish.

Caviar can helps to reduce risk of depression and heart diseases.

With the price of 1.250.000 VND for a can of 50 gram, caviar has never been cheap but still be a food that general consumers find and chefs use in their dishes… Although caviar has become a familiar food in Vietnam, but not anyone knows how to enjoy caviar – even less people know about the nutrition benefits of this luxury dish.

According to experts, caviar is a widely famous dish in the world, especially in Russia. In the time of Czar, cooks had to use 3-horses cart to transport caviar in continuous 3 days with special preservation method to bring caviar from the sea to the banquet of the king. Russian loves caviar and usually pairs it with a strong, highly pure liquor. They usually to put the caviar on the back of their hand before enjoy it for feeling better.

At the present, caviar is used as an appetizer, served in small amount – just enough for diners cannot forget the excellent savor.

Made of original sturgeon egg and salt, caviar is a rich source of nutrition with elements such as calcium, phosphorus, protein, selenium, iron, magnesium and vitamins B12, B6, B2, B44, C, A, and D.

Caviar also contains amino acids, arginine and histidine minerals as well as other essential amino acids like lysine, isoleucine, and methionine. … These substances can help reduce the risk of depression and prevent heart diseases.

According to nutrition experts, caviar is a nutritious dish with elements such as vitamins A and D and especially Omega-3. Some scientists believe that these substances may help reduce
the risk of depression, preventing heart diseases. Premium Caviar contains 30% protein and more than 20% soluble fat which is easy to absorb by human body.

Doctors recommend using caviar in cases of physical weakness, tuberculosis, lack of substance, lack of vitamins, neurasthenia and recovery of strength.

Besides, arginine, a compound in caviar, also helps increase blood circulation, provide nutrition and nourish nerve cells; therefore, it is considered as a nutritious food for sex life. The reputation of caviar to be “love potion” probably because fish and fish products have a connection with Aphrodite, the goddess of love, who – according to legend – was made of sponges.

Currently, Vietnam is now independent in farming sturgeon with the highest quantity in the world. Because of high quantity and year-round farming season, caviar made in Vietnam is abundant. Russian travelers are buying Vietnamese caviar as souvenirs instead of us importing Russian caviar like before. At the same time, the original caviar made by the brand “Caviar de Duc” of Vietnam Sturgeon Group has become more popular so Vietnamese has a chance to enjoy this dish.

To preserve and enjoy properly, according to the expert’s recommendations, caviar must be stored in a cool cabinet, the storage temperature is from -2 to +2 Celsius degrees. The caviar should be used within 7 days after opening the lid and always be kept cold, be decorated before used.

When taking caviar out of the can, you should use spoon made of pearl, wood or plastic to not impact the flavor of the caviar. Caviar can be used with pastries and unsweetened food, cream souce, dairy, appetizer, fingerfood, canape and boiled eggs. In France, they even use caviar with beef.

Source: PV/ Báo Tin tức