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History of Operation
July 4, 2017

Vietnam Sturgeon Group has spent many years on researching and testing the Ministry-level Project of raising & hatching Russian Sturgeon and faced several difficulties. The support and guidance from the Ministry of Fisheries, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Fisheries Association and many other agencies and unions helped to lead us to success of the project. Then we proceeded to apply into practice and it led to the formation of Vietnam – Da Lat Sturgeon Company Limited. This is the first foundation of Vietnam Sturgeon Group.

The following milestones can be summarized in the history of operation of the Group as below:

* In 2006, we successfully researched the Project “Conservation and farming of Sturgeon species in Vietnam”

* In 2007, it was the establishment of Vietnam Sturgeon Limited Company in Da Lat, the first  sturgeon breeding and raising facility in Vietnam.

* In 2008, the establishment of Tam Long Dami Joint Stock Company in Binh Thuan with a large farming scale and a high level of investment, forming the foundations for the  sturgeon industry in Vietnam.

* In 2009, the first batch of black caviar made from Siberian Sturgeon, the Group’s output was over 50 tons of fishes annually. Also in this year, Vietnam Sturgeon Joint Stock Company was established. The Fisheries brand was first introduced in Vietnam market.

* In 2010, Black caviar were distributed in Vietnam market for the first time under the Caviar de Đuc brand. This year also marked the successful hatchery of Sturgeon eggs at the base of Tuyen Lam Lake – Da Lat.

* In 2011, Vietnamese Sturgeon brand became familiar to consumers. The trademark Caviar de Đuc is popular in 5-star hotels and restaurants.

* In March 2011, we expanded the farming network in Binh Dinh province.

* In October 2011, it was the establishment of a new aquaculture facility in Bac Giang province, after nearly a year of experimental farming.

* In November 2011, we established the 5th farming establishment in Dak Lak province, it was considered to be the largest scale sturgeon farm in Southeast Asia.

* On December 23rd, 2012 – on the same day with the inauguration of Southeast Asia’s largest hydroelectric plant, Vietnam Sturgeon Group (CTVN) was pleased to announce the opening of the Sturgeon breeding facility at Son La Hydropower Lake of Son La Province, the 6th farming base of the Group.