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About Us
Vision & Mission
December 10, 2018


* Worldwide market

Become an international supplier of sturgeon products and caviar, covering the largest markets, such as the United States, the EU and Japan. Be able to produce a new generation of sturgeon in our facilities and become the biggest supplier of sturgeon fertilized eggs as well as fry to other farms in the world.

* Most developed rasing technology

Develop an ideal open water system with would provide the highest rate of productivity and yet sustain a stable eco-friendly farming system. Raise the most valuable sturgeon species (Beluga – Huso Huso, Russian – Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii)

* Biggest in the world

Become the biggest sturgeon raising farms not only on Southeast Asian, but also in the world.

* Best caviar quality

Present to the world black caviar as its highest quality and taste, following the most nourishing and nutritious feeding technology

Provide an environment that sturgeon world normally live in naturally.


* Sturgeon conservation

Be able to reproduce a new heathy generation of the endangered sturgeon species and make a contribution into the protection of the wild sturgeon population

* Product differentiation

Produce high quality products, not only by the taste but also through the raising technologies including”

– Optimized quality control

– Feeding fish with natural products

– Diseases prevention and treatment

– Natural habitat conditions

* Availability

By expanding our business each year, we will meet the sturgeon and caviar market’s demand within the next the decade, providing good prices and quantity enough to reduce illegal wild caviar trade. We are aiming to bring the sturgeon market to its initial accessibility, making it available to a large number of consumers