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Key Factors
December 10, 2018

The success of Vietnam Sturgeon Group comes from the following key factors:

1. Open and eco-friendly farming system

– Allow fish to grow as they would in their natural habitat while keeping them carefully monitored and providing them with all essential supplementary vitamins and minerals

– Regularly control, analyze and assess the influence of sturgeon farming on local environment in coordination with the municipal “Organization of environmental production”.

2. Farm management

Smart and systemized farm management, following Viet GAP requirement, and adjusting to local conditions.

3. Feed quality and quantity

Systemized nutrition control, combining dry fish feed with live food (worms, small fish or snails, etc.) Due to Vietnam’s geographical advantage of it’s long coastline and warm water full of abundant resources, our sturgeons are being fed mainly with small fish and other sea creatures.

4. Water quality

Located in hydroelectric lakes with a regularly strong water flow and cold water, our farms sustain suitable water conditions for sturgeon farming.

5. Market

Demand on sturgeon products is increasing all over the world. This will be a good chance for the distributor to get their products (including sturgeon and caviar) into the market

6. Labor

It’s well known that Vietnam has a comparatively cheap labor, which makes it convenient for us to run a business. Additionally, Vietnamesse workers are very initiative, responsible and hard working. They are significantly contributing to the Vietnam Sturgeon Group’ success.