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Struggling with sturgeons

After 4 years of implementation, sturgeon farming model in the mountainous district of Son Tay (Quang Ngai) is still only a model, it cannot be replicated to the people and wasted the budget.

The model of sturgeon breeding was deployed in Son Bua commune since 2014. Initially, it was tested with 500 sturgeons, then increased to 2,000 ones on an area of ​​500 m2. According to Mr. Tran Quy, Head of Son Tay district’s Agricultural Extension Station, through the trial period, the sturgeon in Son Bua has grown and developed quite well.
After 4 years of implementation, sturgeon model in Son Tay is still … just a model

“At this point it can be confirmed, sturgeon lives well in Son Tay mountainous district. However, in my opinion, the replication of sturgeon farming model for the people in the district is still difficult, not everyone can raise it ”, Mr. Tran Quy admitted.

According to the research of Thanh Nien journalists, in order to successfully implement and replicate sturgeon farming model, it is necessary to ensure 3 factors: capital, technology and economic efficiency. Meanwhile, in the highland district of Son Tay, mainly Ca Dong ethnic minority people are still struggling to live on their own, as well as old breeding techniques, lack of information about the market. Therefore, the model cannot be applied, which is understandable.
Sturgeons farming system has made Son Tay district into a dilemma. Every day the district has to spend 1 million VND to buy fish food. If including seed money, food and care workers, since the trial has been raised up to 2 billion VND. That’s not to mention a few billion VND to invest in making roads to the experimental farm. Many billions of dollars spent on sturgeon farming model is not a small amount for a poorest district in the country like Son Tay but the effect is only a plentiful zero.
“Sturgeon farming requires a large investment, so it cannot be replicated for the people in the district because their life is still poor. Meanwhile, the transfer of sturgeon model to units with business functions has not yet found out. Therefore, in the near future, the district will transfer the model to Son Tay Agricultural and Service Cooperative for management and exploitation, ”said Mr. Dinh Quang Ven, Vice Chairman of People’s Committee of Son Tay District.
The implementation of the model of cultivation or livestock is not for people to see the demonstration, but is the “post-performance” that can be replicated. In here, sturgeon farming model has been implemented for 4 years but has not been replicated, the end of the model to avoid additional cost is something that needs to be considered. However, it is still on the table that whether Son Tay district can terminate the model. Therefore, every day the state budget must continue to pour out regularly to buy food for sturgeon to try to keep … the model.
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