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Illegal large-scale sturgeon farm on the watershed of Ea Krong Bong stream
November 28, 2018

Ea Krong Bong stream flows through the commune of Yang Mao commune, Krong Bong district, DakLak province, and has been used by local ethnic people for living. However, for the past three years, this stream has been blocked by a business (later an individual household) at the source to build an illegal sturgeon farm.

Until now, although not yet licensed by the competent authority, Mr. Nguyen Van Toan’s sturgeon breeding facility at the watershed of Ea Krong Bong stream, Yang Mao commune has been built quite completely.

Although the incident occurred for a long time, affecting the environmental landscape, pollution of water resources, causing difficulties for production and daily life of the people, but the functional branches of Krong Bong and Dak Lak provinces prevented from the beginning therefore many problems have arisen to solve.

This commercial sturgeon breeding facility is built on 1.2 ha of agricultural land located between Ea Krong Bong and Ea Toong streams in Hang Nam village, Yang Mao commune, Krong Bong district. Initially, this project was established by Yang Hanh Joint Stock Company in Krong Bong district in association with Truong Toan Seafood One Member Limited Company in Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City to cooperate in construction from around August in 2016.

Previously, Yang Hanh Joint Stock Company had a proposal for the People’s Committee of Krong Bong district to permit the construction of a cold water fish farm here but not yet received agreement. Even so, the investor still brought in machinery and workers to build a spillway to prevent Ea Krong Bong stream and build many construction items.

By November 2016, these two companies have terminated the affiliate contract. This sturgeon project was acquired by Mr. Nguyen Van Toan, Director of Truong Toan Seafood Company Limited and continued to invest in construction. Mr. Toan also made a report asking the Commune People’s Committee of Yang Mao to permit the construction of commercial sturgeon breeding facilities in the form of individual households, although it was not agreed but the project continued, such as: building one a 20m-long concrete concretion dam across the Ea Krong Bong stream (watershed area), 200m of concrete canal leading water from the dam to fish ponds and dozens of aquariums…

Since the construction of livestock waste treatment system has not yet been directly discharged into streams, fish farming has caused fishy odors, making people in some villages downstream of Ea Krong Bong, Yang Mao commune still use water from this stream for living disagree and report to the authorities.

Through inspection, the authorities have discovered this sturgeon breeding facility has a series of violation, such as: construction in the area has not been planned for aquaculture areas; lack of environmental protection plans; no flood control measures; no guidelines and licenses for building sturgeon farms…

Yang Mao Commune Party Committee Secretary – Mr. Tran Mau Quyet said that when discovering illegal construction of sturgeon in the area, the commune Party Committee directed the CPC and related departments to check and inspect many times but cannot meet the investors so the commune does not know how to handle and prevent.

Due to the absence of measures to prevent and handle this illegal sturgeon breeding establishment, in mid-2017, the Chairman of Krong Bong district People’s Committee signed a decision to discipline the Secretary of Party Committee of Tran Mau Quyet and Chairman of the People’s Committee of Yang Mao commune, Mr. Y Drai Mdrang with reprimand form, due to loose management led to the enterprises can block sturgeon streams.

In addition, the People’s Committee of Krong Bong district also issued a decision to sanction administrative violations in the field of environmental protection and decided to sanction administrative violations in the field of land for Mr. Toan’s sturgeon breeding establishments. At the same time, asking Mr. Toan to stop all construction items and restore the original state.

However, since then, Mr. Nguyen Van Toan has not restored the original status but also invested in building this sturgeon growing facility further. Until now, Mr. Toan has built 36 aquariums, each of 200 m2 and has stocked about 18,000 sturgeon. In addition, he also built along the Ea Krong Bong stream and Ea Toong stream two solid water dams to prevent flooding into the sturgeon farming area.

According to our research, the entire 1.2 hectare area of ​​this sturgeon is built by Mr. A Ich ‘s family, residing in Hang Nam village, Yang Mao commune acquired by Yang Hanh Joint Stock
Company in July 2016. This area is the mudflats of two streams, Ea Krong Bong and Ea Toong, so people only cultivate corn and beans in the rainy season, and the dry season is deserted. After Yang Hanh Corporation purchased and transferred this land area to Mr. Nguyen Van Toan, Mr. Toan has been granted a land use right certificate so far.

According to Mr. Toan, the construction of a spillway at Ea Krong Bong stream does not affect the flow and damage the crops of the people, on the contrary, it creates favorable conditions for people across the stream to produce . Currently, the establishment is building a fishpond waste treatment lake, and also creates conditions for about 10 local workers to have stable jobs with an income of more than 5 million VND / month.

To ensure domestic water for households downstream of Ea Krong Bong and Ea Toong streams which have been in use for a long time, in the coming time, owners of this sturgeon farm will invest in five wells for community activities in the five ethnic minority villages of Yang Mao commune and do not have to use water from the stream anymore.

In exchange information with us, Chairman of Krong Bong district People’s Committee Le Van Long said that in the past time, although not yet licensed by the competent authority, enterprises and individual households have voluntarily conducted the construction of the facility and Fish farming is a mistake, affecting the environment, causing annoyance among local people.

The Standing Committee of the District Party Committee has instructed relevant departments, branches and local authorities to review due to loose management so that the owners of
sturgeon violated violations of not changing the purpose of land use and blocking Ea Krong Bong stream. , building illegal fish raising facilities, causing environmental pollution and annoyance among the people … Due to not preventing and handling from the beginning, so far, the owner of this sturgeon has invested a large budget. to build a quite complete breeding system. Therefore, the district is asking for provincial opinions to handle.

On the district side, the Standing Committee of Krong Bong Party Committee agrees to advocate for this sturgeon farm to operate, but the owner of this facility must fully supplement the
documents and procedures related to the work in accordance with the provisions of laws, especially the conversion of land use purposes, procedures for construction and environment, ensuring no blocking of Ea Krong Bong stream, ensuring the environment and obtaining the approval of the Daklak Military Command, because Yang Mao is an Safe commune in the area.

Before the incident, on 2-5-2018, Daklak Provincial People’s Committee also issued Document No. 3402 / UBND-NNMT to support the investment of sturgeon of Mr. Nguyen Van Toan at the proposal of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment. DakLak school. At the same time, assign the Department of Planning and Investment to assume the prime responsibility and coordinate with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and relevant departments, branches, units and localities to guide investors to implement the project investment procedures. raising sturgeon according to the order prescribed by law.

28Concerning this incident, the Director of Daklak province’s Fisheries Nguyen Van Thao said that the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in DakLak province also had a written comment on Mr. Nguyen Van Toan’s sturgeon project in the commune. Yang Mao. According to the industry plan approved by Dak Lak Provincial People’s Committee at the end of 2014, Krong Bong district was planned to raise cold water fish including sturgeon and salmon in Cu Don and Hoa Le communes, while Yang Mao commune is not in the planned area. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust and supplement Yang Mao commune to the planning area for fisheries development to be suitable.

For investment scale, it is necessary to consider adding essential construction items such as water supply system, drainage system and wastewater treatment system, and need to recalculate the total area of ​​the project.

In addition, it is necessary to clarify the treatment of wastewater and solid waste in the production process of the project to the environment, because the project is located at the headwaters of Ea Krong Bong stream, if it does not handle well the waste water. affecting the lives, activities and production of ethnic minorities in the downstream.

The dam will block the headwater source of Ea Krong Bong stream and the canal leading to the sturgeon area built by Mr. Nguyen Van Toan.

Source: Nguyễn Công Lý – Báo Nhân Dân (27.11.2018)